Bracken County, KY

Departments & Agencies

Below is a listing of some of the departments and agencies within Bracken County Local Government (additional information regarding these resources will be available in the near future).

Bracken County Parks and Recreation Board

Dawn Kelsch

1538 Dutch Ridge, Augusta, KY 41002


Pat Taylor

PO Box 475, Brooksville, KY 41004


Dennis Jefferson

PO Box 202, Germantown, KY 41044


Brandon Tarvin


Janie Appelman

3178 Dutch Ridge, Augusta, KY 41002

Office of Solid Waste Management

Caroline Jefferson
Tommy Jefferson

Bracken Co. Health Department

Mary Louise Kalb, Chairman 
Earl Bush - Judge Executive 
Carol Klaber
Steve Dean 
Dr. Daryl L. Emery 
Ann Cummins White 
Ron Thornsbury  
Mary Hamilton 
Roger King 
Agnes Moore
Paula King 
Charles Wilson

Bracken County Historical Society

President:                             John Parker
Vice President:                     Caroline Miller
Recording Secretary:        Jackie Sue Wright
Corresponding Secretary:  Mary Jane Lucas
Treasurer:                        Pat Lenox
Members at Large:              Margarette Carl
                                        Betty Moneyhon

Bracken County Extension Services

President, Ron Nadicksbernd
4979 N AA Hwy
Foster, KY 41043

Vice President, Shirley Perkins
Brooksville, KY 41004

Secretary, Joanne Teegarden
1060 Hackett Ridge Rd
Brooksville, KY 41004 

Treasurer, Carol Davis
41028 KY 596
Germatown, KY 41044

Dewey Stanley 
1090 Belmont Road 
Brooksville, KY 41004  

Karin Poe 
3912 Brooksville Germantown Rd. 
Brooksville, KY 41004 

Co. Judge Executive, Earl Bush 
Brooksville, KY 41004

Bracken County Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box 7
Brooksville, KY 41004
Phone 735-3474

Perry Poe - Chairman
Maude Teegarden
Regina Free
Louise Brown
David Appleman
Bobby Downard
Betty White
Mary Ann Cooke
Tim Figgins
Mack Wallace
Jeff Jones


Bracken County Soil Conservation

Bracken County Water District

Anthony Habermehl, Chairman
4991 Mary Ingles Hwy
Foster KY 41043

Dale Appelman, Vice-Chairman

3178 Dutch Ridge Road
Augusta, KY 41002

Tim Sweeney, Secretary

3661 Dutch Ridge Road
Augusta, KY 41002

Eddie Kern, Member

Baxter Courts, Secretary
451 Western Hills Road
Foster KY 41043

Bracken County Tourism

Doug Padgett
219 Main Street
Augusta, KY 41002

Lacey Holleran
219 Main Street
Augusta, KY 41002

Bracken Co. EMS Board

Daryl Emery
2339 Hamilton Rd. 
Brooksville, KY 41004 

Larry Littleton, Chairman 
230 wellsburg road
Foster Ky 41043 

Christie Jones 
3555 E. Augusta Chatham Rd. 
Augusta, KY 41002

Bracken County Industrial Authority Board 

Tom Stephenson, Chair - Bracken
Larry Smith - Brooksville
Shawn Hennessey - Augusta
David Appelman - Brooksville
Craig Miller - Augusta 
Matthew Raymer - Bracken

Bracken County Board of Assessment

Jim Wilson - Appointed by Judge/Executive
Steve Thornsbury - Applointed by Fiscal Court 
Tom Lilley - member from Largest city in the County

Planning and Zoning Board

Joe Beckett - appointed by County
Phyllis Thornbury - appointed by County 
Scott Miller - appointed by City of Augusta 
Chad Asbury - appointed by County
Greg Hinson - appointed by City of Germantown
Jenny Free - appointed by City of Brooksville 
Ron Lustic - appointed by City of Augusta

Bracken County Nuisance Board

Ron Nadicksburnd -4 yr term

Danielle Evans -4 yr term

Tim Sweeney- 4yr term
3661 Dutch Ridge Road
Augusta KY 41002

Bracken County 911 Board

Earl Bush, Judge Executive
PO Box 264
Brooksville KY 41004

F. Neider Reynolds
446 Belmont Road
Brooksville KY 41004 

Howard Niemeier 
PO Box 186
Brooksville KY 41004 

Greg Taylor 
PO Box 63 
Augusta Ky 41002

John Laycock
518 E 2nd St
Augusta KY 41002 

Craig Hester 
120 Wallin Ave. 
Brooksville KY 41004

Scotty Lippert
1150 Wagel Rd
Brooksville KY 41004

Larry Littleton 
230 Wellsburg Rd. 
Foster, KY 41043

Bracken County Ethics Board

David McDowell
2072 Bridgeville Rd.
Germantown, Ky 41044

Ron Moser
105 Corlis Ave. 
Brooksville, KY 41004 

Lisa Ruf
882 Aug. Berlin Road
Brooksville KY 41004

Elizabeth Hay

370 Old Pea Ridge Road

Augusta KY 41002


Sherry Cucchiara
72 Monson Road
Foster KY 41043

Bracken County Project Development Board

Todd Walton - Judge 19th District
Stockton Wood - Circuit Judge 19th District 
Earl Bush - County Judge Executive
David Whittaker - AOC 
John Watts - AOC 
Ed Rudd - Attorney 
David Hughes - Magistrate District #4 
Craig Hester - Mayor of Brooksville
Kathy Free - County Circuit Clerk

Bracken County Road Department

PO Box 42
Brooksville Ky 41004
Stacey Florer, Supervisor

Bracken County Circuit Judge

Bracken County District Judge

Bracken County Animal Shelter External Link - You are now leaving the .gov domain.

Bracken County Library Board

      Clay King - President
      3912 Brooksville-Germantown Rd
      Brooksville KY 41004

      Gary Clayton - Vice President
      415 Frankfort Street
      Brooksville KY 41004

      Monte Schellenberger - Secretary
      457 Gibson Lane
      Foster KY 41043

      Brenda Merrill - Treasurer
      3665 Vermillion Rd
      Brooksville KY 41004

      Alicia Hay - Member
      203 E. 2nd St
      Augusta KY 41002






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